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Medium-pressure compressors

We offer a full range of water and air-cooled systems for starting air, service air and control air applications.  They are manufactured by J P Sauer & Sohn, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-pressure and medium-pressure compressors.

The Sauer Range

J P Sauer & Sohn has more than 70 years’ experience and know-how.  The company has appointed Central Compressors as its sales and service partner in the UK.  Central Compressors backs up the Sauer product range with fast and efficient sales, service and support. 

2-stage air-cooled medium-pressure compressors to 40 bar - WP15L-WP65L

This is the range that originally established Sauer’s reputation for quality.  Robust, simple and ideal for applications requiring continuous operation.  They are now in their third generation and are particularly widely used in the energy industry.

3-stage air-cooled medium-pressure compressors to 45 bar - WP81L-WP311L

These compressors are designed for ultra-low maintenance and reliability.  The use of three stages ensures superb durability even under arduous operating conditions.  More than 4000 of these compressors are in service around the world.

3-stage and 4-stage air-cooled high-pressure compressors to 350 bar/26kw

Sauer has specialised in high-pressure compressors for many years and this range, designed from the ground up as high-pressure units, are well above conventional industrial standards.

2-stage water-cooled medium-pressure compressors to 30 bar - WP100-WP400

Our expertise in the design and construction of water-cooled compressors, gained over more than 70 years of supplying dockyards and shipping companies, enables us to offer a range of competitive alternatives for applications where air-cooled compressors cannot be used.  Their benefits include low noise, ability to operate without a cooling air supply and much less release of heat to the environment.

4-stage water-cooled high-pressure compressors to 350 bar

Water-cooled high-pressure compressors have proved themselves in exceptionally tough applications such as on board submarines and aircraft carriers.  They are the safe choice for all applications in which an air-cooled compressor would be impractical.

Tornado series - 3-stage and 4-stage compressors to 420 bar

The new Tornado is available in two versions, the 3-stage WP3215 and the 4-stage WP 4325.  Each is available in a basic form – a compressor with motor and an optional separate control unit – and in the Comsilent Version – a complete, ready-to-operate system with soundproof canopy.  The vertical arrangement of the running gear and the star-arrangement of the cylinders are particularly noteworthy features of the completely newly designed series and help to make these units very compact.  Vibration and sound levels are very low.

Sauer product range - summary

All Sauer compressors can be supplied in special versions for the compression of neutral gases such as helium, nitrogen and argon, or flammable gases such as hydrogen or natural gas. 

We can advise you on the development of customised special solutions for the drive system (special voltage, hydraulic or diesel motors), gas explosion-proof or special applications.
Please contact us for more information.

Picture shows a recent installation by Central Compressors within a National Grid substation. The work involved removal and decommissioning of the old compressors and installation of two J P Sauer compressor units while maintaining an air supply to the substation.  The system included two new air dryers providing air to a -40 deg C dewpoint and a new air distribution board.  It delivered 60 m3/hr up to 40 bar pressure.

The air is used to cool air-blast circuit breakers.  The air is compressed to high pressures and when the circuit breaker contacts part, a blast valve is opened to discharge the high-pressure air to ambient, thus creating a very high-velocity flow near the arc to dissipate the energy. 

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